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Golden Circle and Kerid Crater

Golden Circle and Kerid Crater

Three of Iceland’s most popular attractions

The Golden Circle Iceland tour offers three of Iceland’s most popular attractions – Þingvellir national park, Geysir, and Gullfoss. Those three stops are part of the classic route. To make the best out of your day, we added some of our favorite extra stops.


Our first stop on this Golden circle iceland tour is at Þingvellir, the place of the first Icelandic parliament. The first parliament was established there in 930 AD and it is, therefore, the oldest one in Europe. Besides all the history you can also see the Mid-Atlantic ridge. This is the split of the tectonic plates that divides Europe from North America.


After that, we stop at Geysir. This “water puddle” gives its name to all the other Geysers in the world. “Strokkur”, the little brother of Geysir, is still active today and he erupts every 5-8min and it is truly a big spectacle.


Last but not least is Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. This is oone of the main attraction of the Golden circle iceland Tour. In the summertime, up to 130.000 liters per second are running down this powerful waterfall. In good weather conditions, we are also able to see Langjökull glacier as well.

Kerid volcanic crater

Kerid is a volcanic crater that is located in the Grímsnes area. It is part of the Western Volcanic Zone, which includes the Reykjanes peninsula and the Langjökull Glacier. The caldera of the crater is well intact and about 55m deep and 270m wide. Another remarkable feature is the aquamarine blue water of the lake that can be found in the crater.

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South Coast Adventure with Glacier Hike

South Coast Adventure with Glacier Hike

Leaving for the South Coast Adventure

We leave the capital area behind for this glacier hike iceland tour and we will soon reach the countryside. Along the way, we can see Hellisheiðarvirkjun, the geothermal power plant for Reykjavik. It is located in Hengill, a high-temperature area that provides the capital area with hot water and electricity. Steam is billowing up everywhere.

Mýrdalsjökull Glacier

As we venture south, we will drive through the typical lowlands of this area. In the distance, we can already see the mountains and the ice cap of Mýrdalsjökull glacier. On sunny days it is also possible to see the Westman Islands shimmering in the Atlantic Ocean.

Skogafoss Waterfall

Our first stop is Skogafoss Waterfall. It is one of the most iconic waterfalls in the country and was even featured in Game of Thrones. His 60m drop will keep you speechless for sure. Your guide will tell you all about the hidden treasure chest behind the waterfall and with some luck, you will be the first one to find it.

Sólheimajökull Glacier

Now it’s time for the highlight of the tour. The glacier hike iceland. Besides waterfalls, Iceland is also known for glaciers. 11% of the country is covered by ice. Sólheimajökull is an outlet glacier coming down the fourth biggest glacier of Iceland, called Mýrdalsjökull. We put on our safety gear and start our hike on the glacier. The hike is approximately 2,5h long with 1,5h spend on the glacier.

Reynisfjara – Black Beach

Now it’s time to hit the road again. After a short ride, we stop at Reynisfjara black sand beach. The beach was once rated as one of the 10 most beautiful places in the world and as soon as you put a foot on the beach, you will know why. Basalt columns and the well known Reynisdrangar rock formations await you. Your guide will tell you all the interesting stories and sagas that are connected to this place.

Vík í Mýrdal

Having now reached our most southern point, this charming fishing village is the center of the southern region. On the tour, we will pay a visit to the church where we can enjoy a great view of the coastline.

Seljalandsfoss and Gljufrabui Waterfalls

Heading back in the direction of Reykjavik, our last stop will be the ever-popular Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The waterfall lays underneath the well known Eyfjallajokull, the volcano that erupted in 2010. If conditions allow, we take a walk behind the waterfall’s curtain before paying a visit to its nearby cousin Gljúfrabúi, found hidden from view in the mountainside.
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Spectacular Snaefellsnes Peninsula Natural Park

Spectacular Snaefellsnes Peninsula Natural Park

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Iceland in Miniature

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is often called “Iceland in Miniature”. It is the perfect combination of waterfalls, rough lava fields, black sand beaches, and Icelandic folklore. We head west and our first stop is a small town called Borgarnes. After a quick stop to buy some snacks and refreshments we are on our way to the Peninsula. In good weather conditions, we can already see the glacier that sits atop a stratovolcano that is well known from the Novel “Journey to the center of the earth”.

Berserkjahraun Lava Field

The first stop is Berserkjahraun lava field. It was created around 4.000 years ago after the three surrounding volcanos erupted shortly after each other. The name also comes from an exciting story back from the Viking age. Your guide will tell you all about it and he’ll show you the way to a secret and hidden waterfall.


The most photographed mountain in Iceland is next on our list. You probably noticed it on the TV show “Game of Thrones”. It is surrounded by a beautiful waterfall you’ll get enough time to stroll around the walking paths to explore the area.

Saxhóll Volcanic Crater

Countless volcanic craters can be seen during the drive. Now it’s time to put a foot on one of the dormant craters on the peninsula. Saxhóll was created around 3.000 years ago and it is 100m high. A staircase makes the walk to the top very easy and the reward is a brilliant view over the surrounding lava fields.


Iceland is known for its black sand beaches. Djúpalónssandur is one of them and this place will definitely amaze you. Back in the day, a harbor for fishing boats could be found here and all the fishermen had to prove their strength beforehand. In order to do that, they had to lift stones of different weights. Only the strongest were able to secure a spot on one of the boats. The stones still can be found on the beach and you will have a chance to test your own strength.


The next stop will be in Arnastapi, a beautiful and charming fishing village. During the time, powerful waves eroded the cliffs and left the stunning rock formations behind that can be seen today. Also, a sculpture of Bárður Snæfellsás, the guardian of the Penninsula, can be found here.

Budakirkja Black Church

The church was build in 1703. After the Danish king decided to dismiss the church in 1819, several residents fought for the reclamation and in 1849 they got the allowance to build a new chapel. A woman named Steinunn saved some of the old artifacts and thanks to her, we can still see them today.

Seal Colony at Ytri-Tunga

We are already on our way to Reykjavik, but we will have one last stop at a beautiful golden-colored beach. Huge seal colonies can be found at this beach during the whole year and your guide will lead you to the place where you can find them.

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Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Trek – 6 Day Hiking Tour (Camping)

Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Trek – 6 Day Hiking Tour (Camping)


We start in Landmannalaugar, a geothermal wonderland. If you have ever seen a photo of the surrounding mountains from Landmannalaugar and thought it was fixed in Photoshop, well it wasn’t. These are the real colors.

The lovely Highlands

After the stay in Landmannalaugar, we start to make our way south through the Highlands.
On the way, we view fields of obsidian, red and yellow mountains, black sands, and sparkling white glaciers. All in a course of the same day.

Torsmörk or Þórsmörk

The Laugavegur trail ends in Thorsmörk, a green valley nestled at the foot of the famous glaciers Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjokull. This is a delightful spot, where the locals frequently visit during the summer to camp out with their families.

Eyjafjallajökull eruption 2010

From Thorsmork we hike up to the newest craters at Fimmvörduháls named Magni and Móði, after the sons of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. The area is still warm since the eruption in 2010. You will definitely feel the power of nature during this hike.

Join us for this great tour

On this 6 days trek, you experience some of the best Icelandic nature has to offer glaciers, volcanoes, lava fields, and geothermal colors, and hot springs. The track is maintained and your guide will ensure you do not miss the best spots along the way, explain the scenery around you and the geological history of Iceland. Laugavegur and Fimmvörðuháls trek was chosen as one of “twenty Best Hikes In The World” by National Geographic.

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Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon – Without Admission

Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon

You will love the Golden Circle and Geysir Hot Spring

Join us on this comfortable Golden Circle and Blue Lagoon tour.

You will be picked up around noon in any of the advertised locations (listed in Overview below.

The Golden Circle

The Golden Circle tour allows visitors to get in touch with some of Iceland’s most famous and exciting natural phenomena and the “must-see” spots when visiting the country.
The Golden Circle tour allows visitors to get in touch with some of Iceland’s most famous and exciting natural phenomena and the “must-see” spots when visiting the country. Our first stop is at the Thingvellir National Park, where Iceland’s first parliament was founded in the year 930 AD. From Þingvellir we head to the geothermal area around the Geysir hot spring. From there we continue on to Gullfoss, “the Golden waterfall”, where you can get really close and experience its full power first hand.

Thingvellir National Park

Shortly after departure from Reykjavik, we will enter the Thingvellir National Park. Here is where the most dramatic events of the Sagas took place. This is where Alþingi or the Althing Parliament, one of the oldest democratic legislative bodies, was established in the year 930 AD.

Geysir Sputing Hot Spring

On the way, you will visit Geysir and Strokkur, one of only a few areas in the world where you can witness a spouting hot spring. This is truly a unique phenomenon you will never forget. Gullfoss or the Golden Waterfall is truly one of the most beautiful creations of mother nature.

Blue Lagoon – admission fee not included

We will drop you off at the BSI (Local Bus Station) where you will transfer to another bus that will take you to the Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is a magnificent geothermal site with the world’s finest natural spa. People come a long way to get into this turquoise-colored geothermal water. Besides the unique water, the surroundings of the Lagoon are magnificent. Some people say it is like “out of this world”.

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Landmannalaugar Safari – Super Jeep day tour

Combo Trip: Driver Guided Super Jeep Tour to Landmannalaugar Hot Springs & Hekla Volcano. A Geological Adventure Full of Colors & Craters.

Experience the great Landmannalaugar interior. We provide professional drivers, only, at the wheel of your Super Jeep. As you explore Iceland’s unique interior paradise for geological enthusiasts and visiting hikers. We remind you not to forget to bring along your bathing suit and towel for a dip in one of Iceland’s natural geothermal spots.

Starting from Reykjavik towards Hekla

We start off from Reykjavík and drive through the fertile farmlands of southern Iceland. Soon the snow-covered peak of Hekla, Iceland’s most famous active volcano, comes into view. Hekla was notorious in medieval Europe as it was believed to be the entrance to hell. Hekla has erupted approximately 20 times since the county was settled in the ninth century.

Driving along the volcano

The variations in the lava and vegetation shaped by the forces of erosion create a spectacular setting for the volcano. We drive right up to the edge of the youngest lava field formed during the 2000 eruption. If weather permits, we drive up along the volcano’s ridge, which is 900 meters above sea level. From this height, we can enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding region.

To Landmannalaugar in Super Jeeps

We then head into Landmannalaugar traversing a few streams and rivers in our specially build super jeep. We will stop allowing time for exploring or a refreshing dip in the nearby hot springs stream. As we head out of the interior, we visit the explosion crater Ljótipollur. Then we advance down the picturesque Þjórsárdalur We’ll make a stop at the photogenic Hjálparfoss waterfall after making a pit stop at the highland hotel at Hrauneyjar for coffee and a break. The day in the Landmannalaugar area is a memorable experience and a geological treat.

Our vehicles

Our super jeeps seat 5 – 12 persons so our Safaris are always a small group experience!

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Lake Myvatn

Lake Mývatn Private Tour

Lake Myvatn

Lake Mývatn is the 4th largest lake in Iceland, 37 km2 in area. Its shores are indented with many coves and inlets and its surface is dotted with around 50 small islets and skerries.
Mývatn offers a unique natural environment. With large contrasts and short distances, you can experience the most and the best that Iceland has to offer.

Starting from Akureyri

We start our tour in Akureyri. We will drive east towards the beautiful Goðafoss waterfall. This is where we will make our first stop. The Goðafoss waterfall is a place of the significant historic value connected with when Icelanders took Christianity.

From Goðafoss and on

We continue east from Goðafoss towards Lake Mývatn. We’ll pass through the valley of Reykjadalur and head to Skútustaðir where we see the pseudocraters.
Dimmuborgir lava formations.
Our next stop is the stunning lava formations at Dimmuborgir. It is close to Lake Mývatn. Dimmuborgir has formed about 2300 years ago when a partly cooled lava lake drained out and left magnificent basalt pillars and sculptures.

Underground baths

After a short walk in Dimmuborgir, we’ll travel to Grjótagjá which was a popular underground bathing cave until the volcanic eruptions at Krafla 1975-1984. Those eruptions heated the water in the cave so now it’s to hot to bathe there.

Námaskarð the colorful

We now continue through the Námaskarð pass and go to the Hverarönd fumarole fields which is a quite spectacular area showing earth’s inner power.
After this we’ll be heading back towards Akureyri, If weather and conditions allow we’ll find some good places to stop for pictures

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Snaefellsnes Peninsula

The magnificent Snæfellsnes Peninsula

National Park of Snæfellsnes

The National Park of Snæfellsnes is known for its beauty and versatile landscape. Probably the most photogenic mountain in Iceland is Kirkjufell (Church Mountain). We will be stopping in the perfect spot to be able to view and photograph this spectacularly shaped mountain.

Snæfellsjökull (Snæfellsnes Glacier)

From all angles of the tour, you will be under an influence of the magnificent Snæfellsjökull glacier (1446 m or 4.740 ft). The glacier is believed to have supernatural powers. Some believe it is one of the seven chakras in the world.

Arnarstapi village

The old fishing village of Arnarstapi gives you a glimpse into the age-old culture of Iceland. It is surrounded by unique bird cliffs where thousands of seagulls and other birds nest in the springtime

Djúpalóns sandur beach

The black sand beach of Djúpalóns sandur and the lava formations around the shore are by many considered a unique piece of natural art. The amazing history of the place compliments the spectacular and powerful nature you will perceive.

Comfortable and convenient

Our goal is to meet people’s wishes so changing a plan slightly is not a problem for us. We can offer extra stops on the way if you
Book now and enjoy traveling around one of Iceland’s most beautiful places in a comfortable way with us.

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Puffin watching

Big Whales and Puffins


Big Whales and Puffins at Húsavík

Húsavík Adventures offers a unique experience for travelers in Iceland. We currently offer whale watching and breathtaking nature experience. We offer sailing trips on fast RIB boats at Skjálfandi Bay outside Húsavík. The town is known as the Whale Capital of Iceland. It is located in the northern part of the country on the eastern shore of Skjálfandi Bay.

A unique experience

This extraordinary experience is something you will never forget. You can not get any closer to the whales and the Dolphins. These huge, curious, creatures sometimes swim very close to the boat that you can almost touch them. (Which we do not recommend)

The home of the Puffins

The beautiful and respectable Puffins make their nests and residence nearby Húsavík. You will have a chance to photograph those lovely birds. Either flying out to get a meal or resting on the cliffs.

What’s included?

On this tour, we provide floatation overall and lifevest. Your safety is very important to us so we make sure you can safely experience the adventure among the remarkable arctic animals.

What do I need to bring?

Even though the floatation overalls will keep you reasonably warm, it is however still good to be dressed in warm clothing because it can be cold at sea.

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